Once you have completed your Basics Course, to continue training you need to choose one of the following membership options, all of which include a free training t-shirt, training insurance and a years membership with the FEKM-UK.

N.B. All memberships are recurring until cancelled

Junior Membership


Designed for our younger members from 8-14 years of age, these classes incorporate fitness, discipline and self defence training to help build self confidence.

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Monthly - Yearly Subscription


Commit for a year and save ! Access to all Krav Maga lessons in all locations.

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Monthly Membership


No Limits, no Tie-ins. Maximum value with access to all Krav Maga lessons across all locations every month !

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Six Monthly Membership


Save 2 months over the year with our 6 monthly membership. Access all training sessions in all locations

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Yearly Membership


Krav Maga is for you! Reward your committment with the yearly access that gives you 4 FREE MONTHS of training over the year. What are you waiting for?!

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